Sunday, 28 July 2013

Travels with Harry

Mausi and the Monk have found travelling with Harry educational. For his part, he seems to take the travel arrangements philosophically, and enjoys the new experiences on the walks and pauses in between. His reaction to wavelets surging ashore in Lulworth Cove was pure amusement for us as he first recoiled, then approached cautiously and finally tried to play ith the water. He travels reasonably happily in his travel box, secured between our seats in the Mobile Home we've hired, but is eager to get out and explore the new 'pitch' whenever we stop.

Of course, in most places, he has to stay on a leash, but even so manages to find games to play. Yesterday we arrived at Sennen Cove, near Land's End in Cornwall and gave him a run on the beach in Whitesand Bay. He raced around, dug frantically, obviously puzzled by the water which filled the hole as he did so, and even tried a little wading - cautiously. Where he found fresh water trickling down the rocks in Lulworth Cove, at Looe he found only salt water and now at Whitesand Bay, the water in the ground is salt only. I will try to post a more pictures once we get somewhere I can get a decent 'upload speed' on an internet connection.

Today he had a good walk in the wind and occasional rain, along the coast path. His interest in all the new smells and sounds is fun to watch. We did wonder, as wewatched him 'air scenting' from a viewing point, what 'race memories' the smell of the sea and the sea vegetation is stirring in him. What a shame we can never really know.

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