Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Passage of Time ...

Today the Monk finds himself wondering where the years went. He looks back on a very full, sometimes rewarding, often hectic and sometimes bitter range of experiences. The high points in his life were the births of his three children (in which he had a very minor role ...), his career, the move to the UK in 1988 and the subsequent time he spent in various ministry roles culminating in his time in the congregation and ministry of Tewkesbury Abbey.

Today his wife has spoiled him. Her gift is a 'smart phone' for him, so now he must learn to use it properly - and remember to convey to all his friends, the new number!

Now his faithful small companion is waiting for his all important walk in the woods with the Monk. Harry has to check all his marker posts, check which new deer, wild boar, other dogs and even the odd raccoon or pine marten has dared to wander through his forest, so the Monk had best make haste and set off.

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  1. The grey monk becomes a bit greyer but it appears to Doubting Thomas that life is indeed rich and rewarding for him and his at the moment - what you sow you reap is a bit of a cliché but if the sowing of this particular monk ( in the sense of service to others) was ever examined - he will have a fabulous harvest.