Friday, 28 February 2014

Israel the 'obstacle' to peace?

I was delighted to see the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the Bundespräsident, Joachim Gauck, have roundly dismissed the call for Germany to impose 'sanctions' on Israel and to 'boycott' and 'disinvest' from Israeli businesses and trade. They are right, and the movement that calls for this is hypocritical. They do not acknowledge Istrael's right to exist, or the Jewish people's right to defend themselves. They are so blinded by their own lies and propaganda they refuse to see the realities of life in the socalled 'Palestinian Territories', which were seized by Jordan and Egypt immediately after the UN itself had drawn the boundaries of Israel to include them in Israel. Jordan and Egypt then proceeded against Art. 33 of the Geneva Convention, to relocate their own citizens to these territories and to consolidate them into their own countries. In an even more cynical move post the 1973 Yom Kippur War (which most of the promoters of boycotts, sanctions and so on probably think was a war of 'liberation'), Jordan and Egypt colluded to create the 'Palestinian State' on the West Bank and Gaza.

Why was this cynical? Put simply, the two areas are not viable 'states' and with no connecting corridor, can never be a homogenous territory. It is a fiction that they can even begin to be. Just as it is a total fiction that the 'Palestinian People' are the victims. As a simple bit of research son uncovers, most of those claiming this status are, at best, socnd generation 'Palestinians' since the name itself did not exist before Yasser Arafat created it in the 1970s. The British named the whole area 'Palestine' which was not its name under the Ottoman Turks, and if there is a 'Palestine' today, it is the Kingdom of Jordan according to maps drawn up and agreed by the League of Nations and accepted after the Jewish people rejected the British attempt to subject them to a second holocaust in 1946-7. The British had handed over the keys to the arsenals, the local and regional government and the military to the Hashemite Arabs despite the declared intention of them and every other Arab leader to 'cleanse' the land of Jews. They even deported desperate refugees back to the very concentration camps they'd just been released from. And now, British politicians, to what should be the shame of every Briton, do and say nothing to stop the perpetuation of lies, misinformation and anti-Jewish propaganda.

Synagogues in Britain are regularly defaced, and Jews attacked in our streets and nothing is said. But don't touch a mosque, or threaten a Salafist, or Islamist on a British street with the thrashing they deserve. Anti-semitism is fine, as long as its called 'anti-Zionism' - but 'Islamaphobia' is a heinous crime. So, our politicians hide behind a fiction of being impartial, of seeking 'peace' in the Middle East, but privately promoting the eradication of Israel by covertly supporting and encouraging the anti-Israel movements. Watch our Foreign Secretary duck and weave when any of this is discussed. Watch the BBC always promote the 'suffering' of the 'Palestinians' and justify the descration of Christian and Jewish holy places. Listen as they perpetuate the lies and the deceits. Let's face it, if you establish a bomb factory in a block of flats crowded with women and children, or make children play between you and the missile launchers, are you not expecting to get them killed? Just who is klilling the children in that situation? In my view it is Hamas, Al Fatah, Hezbollah and the rest of these gangsters, not the IDF.

It is often stated in the western media that Israel refuses to 'concede' this or that in the interests of 'peace' in the Middle East, but, when one actually looks at the truth, rather than the Arab propaganda, a very different picture emerges. I found this on the blog "The Elder of Zyon" and the fact is that his information is correct. The Arab League, which 'created' the Palestinian People out of refugees they have deliberately kept in camps and refused to allow to integrate into their host populations since 1948, don't want 'peace' with Israel, they want its complete eradication and have said so.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Arab definition of "peace," 1948

This comes from a July 8, 1948 memo from the Arab League to UN mediator Count Bernadotte rejecting the extension of the truce during Israel's War of Independence. (I found this in a 1962 book of Arab League documents.)

The Arab States, however, were again disappointed when they received the proposals of the Count which he had based on partition, on the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine, and on recognition of what has been called the "accomplished" fact brought about by the Zionist gangs. We do not think that the Mediator is unaware that the present struggle is directed against the idea of partition and against the establishment of a Jewish state. Yet he soon took this as a basis for his proposals, (thus) disregarding the rights of the Arabs.

The Zionists are going ahead with the establishment of their so-called "state". There is nothing in this to encourage the prolongation of the cease-fire and the finding of a peaceful solution. The Mediator himself is fully convinced, as he has said on one occasion, that there is no hope of convincing the Jews to give up their state.

This means that the cease-fire will not enable us to find a peaceful solution.
Even then, the Arabs would use Western concepts of "peace" when talking to the West - but as they made clear, their definition of peace means no Jewish state.

Perhaps it is time the western 'peacemakers' like Blair, Kerry and the various Foreign Affairs departments all with fingers in the pie of appeasing the Arabs, and blaming the Jews, got real. Maybe it's time they admitted there is no hope of 'peace' until the Arabs accept that they do not have a right to destroy a people or a faith that built the city they claim to be the third holiest place in their faith (The Prophet never ever set foot there and until it became a symbol of their 'struggle' the mosques on the Temple Mount (former Christian Churches) were in a pretty run down state!) or provided the foundation of their faith. Perhaps it is time to stop pandering to the hatred of the Arabs and tell them, in no uncertain terms, to grow up.

Israel was created out of the broken promises of the British government in 1947-8, and recognised by the UN. That 'recognition' was immediately undermined by the Arab side in their attempt (using British led Armies) to 'drive the Jews into the sea'. They failed. Jordan imposed a 'province', in clear contravention of International law, on the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and Egypt grabbed Gaza. Both then carried out a purge of Jewish families in these areas, many of them with roots going back to Biblical times. Both ignored the Geneva Convention, Article 33, which forbids the incorporation of land seized by war into the aggressor state. Neither had a right to repopulate these territories - as they did - with people moved from their own countries, and neither had a right to 'give up the land' to create the farce that is the Palestinian 'State' of today.

Let's get real. Let's recognise that the Arabs are the greatest obstacle to peace. They, not the Istraelis, are the aggressors. They label the Israelis as "Zionist gangs" but refuse to acknowledge the public statements on the eve of the 1947 British withdrawal, in which their leaders declared their intention of 'cleansing Palestine' of Jews, or of 'making the sea red with the blood of the Jews'. It is time to make them confront the evil in their own minds, to make them accept there can be no acceptance of such attitudes in the future. It is time to remind them that, much like today's Jihadis, the Grand Mufti of Istanbul helped raise a Division for the Nazi SS in Turkey, and that the Grand Mufti of Mecca attempted to do the same - both with the express desire to 'purge the Jews' from history.

The only stumbling block I can see is that they are now the owners of so much of London and so much of the world's banking system ... Well, money talks. It always has. Blair, Kerry, et al will continue ton take the thirty pieces of silver, and continue to be seeking peace in the full knowledge there is no intention of finding it.

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