Friday, 7 March 2014

The Outer Edge Reviewed

The Blogcritics reviewer, Marty Dodge, has posted a fantastic review of The Outer Edge at Blogcritics. It is always terrific for an author when someone says they liked your book, and that is certainly what he says in this review. He even goes so far as to suggest the whole Series of Harry Heron adventures could be made into a television series. I'd love to see that happen, and not just because I wrote the books, but because I'd love to see the story brought to life in that manner.

I was flattered by this comment in the review -
As with his last few novels, Cox has created quite the page turner that is just ripe for reading in one or two sittings. It is, as are the rest of the series, the perfect airplane novel that you can’t yet get in the airport. I read it in ebook form, and it is just perfect in that format. This is no doubt partly due to the subject at hand.
Please do take some time out to read what he's said about the story. It is now available in e-formats and in print versions.

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