Saturday, 12 November 2011

Perspectives ...

Earlier this week the Postulant copied me into a link for a brochure the Metropolitan Police were distributing to the "Occupy London" rent-a-mob. It was a great piece of PR and advice, it contained such gems as  -
... if an officer is wearing his riot helmet with the visor down he may not be able to hear you unless he is facing you. He may also shout at you to make sure you hear him ...
As they had gone to some trouble to make clear that the policemen and women would not be wearing these helmets unless faced with a situation that called for it - as in someone has started throwing things or attempted something naughty - I rather thought the gentle hint was "don't even attempt to talk to him - just do as you're told. NOW!"

The Postulant was also engaged with a chat forum and following a clash with some young person whose ignorance obviously exceeds his personality she sent me the following comment -
I really enjoyed seeing an example of the police still managing to do their job well and in a creative way, despite all of the obstacles that get put in their way. We are fortunate that there are still people who are prepared to wear uniform and fight bureacracy to keep us safe - and I would be happy to be quoted on that, at any time and however publicly it needs to be said.  I also pointed out to an anonymous little twerp who insulted a copper on a large online forum with the usual "I pay your wages" garbage that the police and other emergency services are remarkably good value for money. I reminded him that before Robert Peel, the only people who could afford to have someone go after a thief who stole their treasured possessions were the extremely rich (I omitted criminals with heavies - but the price of having a gang of heavies is that sooner or later they get you, so I don't count that as equal protection).  Considering the relatively small amount that we all pay in tax (and probably tiny percentage of our tax that goes to fire, police and health services), we should be extremely grateful to have the kind of protection that used to require a personal army. Any prat who mocks the emergency services deserves the experience of needing them - and then feeling the worst kind of shame over being helped by people who are far better than them. And before you say they wouldn't feel shame, they do in their shrivelled little souls - they just don't always know what the feeling's called ;)
That's my girl all right.

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