Monday, 7 November 2011

Time, like an ever rolling stream ...

A line from the old funeral and Remembrance Sunday hymn, Abide with me, sprang to mind this morning when I got a message telling me that the wife of the priest who prepared me for confirmation and mother of my first real girlfriend, had died on All Saints Day.

These last few years she has suffered from dementia and been very infirm as well, she was, after all, over 80 years of age. Mrs Moore as we kids knew her, was the epitome of a Vicar's wife. Always engaged in the work of the Parish, always supportive of her husband's ministry and always welcoming to their home. My thoughts are with Val and Penny, her daughters, and with their families at this time. She will be buried alongside her husband, the Rev Mervyn Moore, in Fernie, BC, Canada where the family now live.

It has been a long road for all of them. They came originally from Yorkshire, where Rev Moore had served at the great Cathedral Minster, then moved to South Africa, where he developed his ministry further. Finally, they followed Val and her husband to Canada where they enjoyed their retirement.

May they both rest in peace, and rise with all the saints in glory.

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