Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Argentinian hopes?

So now the Argentinains have some allies in their attempt to seize the Falkland Islands. It is, I suppose, to be expected as Britain is now seen as defenceless and unable to enforce any sort of control in the waters around the islands. The stupidity of the swinging cuts in ships, manpower and the scrapping of our pitifully small aircraft carriers - with the premature scrapping of all their aircraft must now be apparent even among the completely self interested and self serving denizens of Westminster and Whitehall.

The decision of the three major powers in South America, one of them an ally in the 1982 war, is a serious warning of things to come in this area. Royal Naval ships are already routinely refused bunkering or landing permission in any of the ports in that region and it is merely a matter of time before some overzealous patriot decides to seize either a ship wearing the British flag or attacks one. After all, the last invasion was sparked by the hoisting of an Argentinian flag by a bunch of soldiers disguised as "scrap merchants." It will not take a genius to figure out how to pull some similar and equally inflammatory stunt.

One of the things which frequently surprises me among the denizens of the Left is the eagerness with which they are prepared to hand over territories like these to anyone who wants to claim them on "historic" grounds, completely ignoring the wishes of the people living there as often as not, to remain within the arrangements they have at present. The Falkland Islanders are the descendents of those who first settled there over 200 years ago and wish to remain British. They have never been Spanish or Argentinian and don't wish to be. Argentina's claim is at best tenuous and at worst simply opportunist. Until indications of oil were found there, they weren't particularly bothered ...

Spain's claim to Gibraltar has a great deal more validity, but those living in Gibraltar don't want to be governed by Spain. Thank you very much, they like being British and have no wish to be anything else, Liebor Party/Guardianista ambitions or not. There does seem to be an element of blindness or perhaps bias in this. An example os the attitude to Israel. There is no acknowledgement of its right to exist or to have some secure borders. It is acknowledged that the 1967 borders were a bureaucratic joke. Totally indefensible and an invitation to invade - yet the left insists that these are the only "legitimate" boundaries and labels Israel a "rogue" state because it refuses to surrender its sovereignty to a bunch of murderous terrorists.

This attitude shows in the petulant manner in which the Falklanders are dismissed as "obstructionist" in some quarters, primarily because they refused to accept Blair's ill-conceived and thankfully short-lived plan to "share" administration of the islands with Argentina. To the left, the Falklanders are an embarrassing reminder of the "evil Empire" that made Britain a leading power and gave it the wealth it is so busy squandering.

As a descendent of yet another group of "colonials" sold down the river by the UK's self serving and self interested political classe, I find myself in sympathy with the Falklanders as they face the growing threat. Even the most hopeful of them must, by now, know that Westminster and Whitehall will sell them out at the first opportunity - largely because in their eagerness to "save" money to squander on their own perks and inflated ambitions, they have removed any hope of defending them when the Argentinians once more stake their claim with force.

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