Sunday, 18 December 2011

Nine Lessons and Carols ...

Last night attended a Nine Lessons and Carols Service in the Augustinian Convent Church in Mainz. It was terrific, great choir and terrific setting, but very different from what I am used to. The lessons and most of the carols were in English (the previous evening they'd done it in Hocheim in German) and the printed Order of Service gave both languages. The music mixed ancient and modern and included some of the really great Advent Carols.

It was good fun all round and there were a surprising number of English speaking people present. One elderly lady behind us held forth at some length about how "churches were desperate for members these days" and then complained that the church was packed. In fact they were frantically adding chairs in the aisles in the seconds before the organ began the introduction to "Once in royal David's city." OK, so my twisted sense of humour did have me chortling away at the obvious refutation of her earlier statement.

After the service it was a journey back through the Weinachtsmarkt - with a small detour through a toy store where we browsed the model ships, LEGO Technik, board games, etc. - and back home to a late supper, wine and some warmth. These Baroque churches look fabulous - but they didn't go much on heating!

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