Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Big Freeze ...

We've lost another of our water barrels today. Despite all our efforts, the two weeks of sub-zero temperatures have defeated everything we tried to do to prevent the ice forming in our three water butts and our tame "Ogre's tub from building up too much pressure, the tub is now beyond repair and two of the water butts are blwon up like balloons. They'll split, we think, as the plastic is not that elastic. We'd taken the precaution of reducing the water levels - but then it rained and they refilled. Before we could drain them down again, it started to freeze.

Last year everything survived the heavy snow and cold, and all we really needed to do was keep breaking up the ice as it formed and removing it. Hasn't worked this year. As I type the temperature is at its highest in several days - a balmy minus 3.4*C!

The swelling water butts though came as a sharp reminder that the Greenpeace propagandists proclaiming that the melting of the Arctic sea ice will "raise the sea levels" is bunkum. Ice has a greater volume than the content of the water in it. That's why it's bouyant and floats. Melting all the sea ice is likely to reduce the water levels, not raise them. As for the ice covering the land - a science team have calculated that it will take around 15,000 years to melt all the ice in Greenland.

That said, I take leave to doubt, as I shiver through yet another icy winter (Six years ago one of the AGW proponents was proclaiming "ice and snow in winter are a thing of the past ...") that we are in any danger of a massive meltdown. Rather the opposite.

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