Thursday, 16 February 2012

How to persuade Scotland to vote for independence ...

Just get the Prime Minister to make a speech declaring he would "fight tooth and nail to prevent it." I'm afraid Mr. Cameron either has taken leave of his senses, or he wants the Scottish people to vote for full independence. I'm not at all sure whether this is a clever political strategy, or a genuine belief that he can "persuade" the Scottish nation to remain in the UK.

Either way, I think he's just handed Alex Salmand the winning lottery ticket.

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  1. I don't think they will vote for independence. After due consideration of the alternatives to the status quo, (and let's face it, they get a pretty good deal) then they'll stay. Having to reapply for membership of the EUSSR would be like boarding the Titanic at Liverpool. Osborne will tell them to poke the pound, but I don't fancy having to convert mine to groats when I venture north to visit family. Wee Eck and Macaroon are not to be trusted. They're as slippery as a fry of eels in a sack filled with KY jelly!