Friday, 17 February 2012

A Fair Wage?

The release of the names and salaries earned by the top Civil Servants is timely. This bunch cost the nation almost £30 million a year and there are only 172 of them. The Guardian has all the details in an article. What is shocking is that several of them earn more than the Prime Minister or the Ministers they supposedly work for.

NO! I'm not about to suggest the 650-odd MPs get a pay rise, but it does support my long held view that the major thing wrong with the UK economy is the fact that the Public Services in the UK now employ over one fifth of the total workforce. That those who supposedly 'lead' Whitehall are paid these huge salaries (and get a knighthood for their services when they retire to pick up a nice directorship somewhere) is nothing short of insulting to the taxpayers. These are the men and women who consistently block all efforts to reform the civil service.


Put simply; because their pay reflects the size of the department they 'manage,' not its actual delivery or its efficiency. It's all about how many minions you have, not what they actually do, or even if you have any idea of what they do. This is the reason there are endless duplications of activities, conflicts in legislation - yes, one department may well require a business to do something it is forbidden to do by another - and absolute stonewalling when anyone suggest a rationalisation.

They should be cut down to size and their departments with them.

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