Friday, 14 September 2012

Final hurdles ...

The Monk and Mausi are in the final stages of preparing for the Church service to celebrate their marriage tomorrow. German law requires a 'civil' ceremony and a 'church' one may follow. As we wanted to celebrate this with a church ceremony, it meant having two goes at the whole. The little wrifggle in the middle was trying to find dates that suited friends and family - and keeping the legal 'permissions to marry' current.

These legal approvals lapse after six months if the wedding doesn't take place within that timeframe. So we opted to do the civil ceremony and legal bits in May, and wait for the church service until our friends and family could be here.

So, tomorrow, we do the church service. Our organist is furiously practicing the recessional voluntary we've chosen. It's fun, it's 'off the wall' and we hope our friends enjoy it. Try it if you can find it - 'Festmusikk' from Vag a Leve (Dare to Live) by Mons Leidvin Takle. He's Norwegian, and his music is fiery, lively and fun.

Our priest thinks its hilarious and loves it.

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