Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The end of summer?

On Saturday the Monk and Mausi witnessed an annual event in our little village. For some reason the roof of our home (we are the last house in our street and on the uppermost edge of the village) is the chosen assembly point for the swallows. At one point the roof was covered in these beautiful birds, hunkered down and their wings slightly spread as they soaked up the sun. Those not on the tiles were wheeling overhead in a swarming cloud and others perched on our satellite dish and TV aerial. It was an amazing sight.

Then, as if someone had fired a starting gun, the whole flock took to the air, wheeled a few times and then departed in a south westerly direction. Since then we have not seen a single swallow anywhere. Our neighbours tell me this is early for the migration, and I'll confess I have the impression they were much later leaving last year.

I wonder if they know something we don't?

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