Monday, 10 September 2012

Great News

The Monk is delighted at the news his youngest daughter, Alli to family and friends, is engaged to her longterm partner. Jim did the romantic thing, proposing to her on a bridge in the South of France. The Monk is doubly pleased as Jim is a great guy, one the Monk thinks very highly of and knows will take good care of a very special lady.


  1. Slim Jim says:
    You must be very pleased with your news Pat, and I'm happy for you too. I have just returned from Scotland where I saw my grandson for the first time. My eldest daughter gave birth to him last Friday. Needless to say, I'm a very proud and happy man! My son-in-law proposed to her on a remote highland beach, so romance certainly isn't dead. I'm also pleased that my youngest daughter will also be getting married to her partner next year, so my cup of deep joy runneth over!

  2. That is wonderful when you get new family members you like! My mom and dad loved my hubby. And it makes it so much easier.