Monday, 27 January 2014

A small hiatus ...

We have been experiencing a small hiatus in posting lately. It is not a lack of material to post, nor is it a lack of desire to do so. It is a new addition to our family/pack/flock, whatever ...

His name is Kashmir Blue von Rheinhessen, a blue merle Sheltie pup we have taken into the family as a companion and playmate for Harry vom Goldbachmoor. Harry is delighted, but also determined to maintain his status as No. 1 dog in the pack. That said, to watch him playing gently with the pup and sharing affection, treats, toys and even inviting Blue to play, is pure enjoyment. Blue is now ten weeks old and still learning to sleep through the night, to ask to go out, and generally is pretty high maintenance at the moment.

He tackles everything with enthusiasm - even when it comes to (finally) sleeping.

Normal service will, we hope, resume soon!

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