Saturday, 4 January 2014

It just gets funnier ...

I have to confess that I find the predicament of the 'climate scientist' and his team and supporters (See the Antarctic Ice Shelf Before Its Gone Forever tourists) amusing. Having had to be airlifted from a Russian ice-breaker by a helicopter launched from a Chinese ice-breaker, and flown to an Australian ice-breaker (remember the initial reports said they were just passengers on a 'cruise ship'), they are now facing a return to the pack ice because the Chinese ship is now trapped and the 'rescue ship' has turned back to attempt to free the Snow Dragon.

It is funny to see the BBC and Guardian both playing down the fact they'd sent journalists and a team to record the 'vanishing ice'. They were to play up the Global Warming scam, and 'show' how the AGW scares are 'true'. The whole thing now frustrated by the fact that, in defiance of the computer 'models' the Antarctic ice sheet is growing and is now at its greatest extent for more than a century. But the BBC and the Guardian are not the only ones now desperately playing down the real purpose of this 'expedition'. Just about the entire AGW community is trying to ignore it. After all, this is the Antarctic summer, the ice is supposed to be thin, retreating and vanishing - isn't it? A century ago, an Australian explorer was able to sail right to the coast, something impossible since, and this 'expedition' was supposed to repeat the exercise. The leader's 'models' had predicted no ice. Pity Mother Nature didn't agree.

What is even more noticeable is the total silence from Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and all the other AGW scammers, regarding their contribution to the breaking up of these ice sheets by their own activities. Ice breakers are designed to smash their way through the ice. It follows - at least to my way of thinking - that if you keep ploughing channels through the pack ice, you are contributing somewhat more than your fair share of ecological destruction and damage. Or perhaps that doesn't count if you're doing it to 'prove' that everyone else is destroying the planet?

Oh, the irony. The troops of 'Save the Planet' being the very people doing the most damage to the fragile ecological systems they claim to be preserving and protecting. The hypocrisy would be funny if it wasn't so blatantly fraudulent. The people behind this now have so much money invested in keeping their 'true believers' on board and on message they can't afford to admit any error. Like the 'leader' of this latest fiasco, their investment in 'alternative' solutions has to be supported - or any hope of profit will vanish. As it is most of these 'alternatives' only show a return as long as taxpayers can be compelled to continue to support them with subsidies.

And who is paying for this massive rescue operation in Antarctica? That's the biggest joke of all - you are. The taxpayers, in this instance in Australia, are paying for it, but everywhere the 'Greens' have railroaded their religion into the corridors of power and the populist media, we are all paying for it and every other stunt these clowns pull.

That is not so funny.

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