Thursday, 2 January 2014

Climate Changing in the wrong direction?

OK, I'll confess. I've been finding the plight of the Climate Alarmist 'scientist' and his team - plus their tourist supporters - trapped in the ice in Antarctica by 'unprecedented pack ice' when they expected to be able to sail blithely up to the coast itself, hilarious. Especially since it has been widely reported that the satellite measurements, on the ground observations and even overflights have all reported that there is more ice around Antarctica at present than there has been for quite some time. Now I see The Spectator has picked it up. Their article, The Climate Change Trip Stuck in the Ice, makes some serious points about this.

Even funnier is the fact that both the BBC and the Guardian had their climate change reporters on board - no doubt their pre-written reports to the effect that the ice was 'vanishing faster than expected' already filed. Now they'll have to either write the truth, or find some other scam to cover. The fact is that this is not the first such trip undertaken by the True Believers of Climate Change that has been frustrated by nature not following the script. Anyone remember the attempt to row to the North Pole last year? Oh, sorry, failed, because there was too much ice. Or the attempt to walk there the year before? Oh yes, that also failed because ocean currents and wind kept moving the ice around. Then there was the attempt to row a boat through the North West Passage. Oops, not possible. Ice closed the 'passage' for the whole period.

I suspect the writer of The Spectator article has it right when saying that even the 'new' name of Climate Change is so nebulous as to be meaningless. The 'climate' of this planet (and probably every other planet as well) has been 'changing' since it first formed. The idea that humans can do much more than have a small local impact is simply ludicrous, and the idea that we can actually change its direction in any major or meaningful way is so far-fetched it belongs in the sort of science fiction current in the 1940s and 1950s. It would be funny, if it wasn't doing immense damage to the national economies of those nations stupid enough to fall for it.

The current crop of 'interviews' with enthusiastic passengers being rescued by a large Chinese helicopter from the trapped ice breaker are interesting only because they fail completely to mention that the purpose of the trip was to 'prove' the ice pack was vanishing. Guess they forgot to tell Mother Nature that.

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