Sunday, 13 May 2012

Toughmudder ...

No, that isn't a bad attempt at dialectically spelling the word 'mother,' even though it is Mother's Day in the USA. The "Toughmudder" is probably a peculiarly British fund raising event for the charirty, Help for Heroes. It is a "team event" and the teams face the challenge of getting through a 12 mile long assault course, designed and built by the Royal Marines. They face getting through water, mud, obstacles and even barbed wire to complete the challenge - and bear in mind most of those doing it are NOT in the Armed Forces.

It is not for the faint hearted or the unfit. It is a tough challenge and it isn't one individuals should try, it does require a team to get through it. This is something the Royal Marines are very good at, they build teams, they work in teams and they train in teams. So when they design an assault course, it takes a team to beat it.

The Monk is extremely proud of the fact that his youngest daughter is a member of a team that has taken up this challenge. She and her team will be tackling this course today, Sunday, and hopefully will raise lots of money for the wounded and disabled soldiers, sailors and airmen the charity supports. Anyone wishing to add their support can use this link! Yes, there is still time!

Go Alli!

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