Monday, 29 April 2013

Humbug or hypocrisy: The Left and Islam (among other small matters ...)

Yesterday I read a very interesting article written by Meredith Tax under the title "An Expedient Alliance? The Muslim Right and the Anglo-American Left." I found it extremely thought provoking, not least because it touches very nearly on something I have long pondered about the so-called "Liberal-Left." They are certainly on the left arc of the political circle, but hardly "liberal" except in name or propaganda. They proclaim 'freedom' for all manner of things, from racism to speech, but closer inspection invariably exposes limits. Others may only exercise these 'freedoms' if the Left approve. And the 'freedoms' are restricted to those things they have declared to be a 'right.'

Mr Tax's article highlights one of the anomalies. On the one hand the Liberal-Left proclaim themselves to be champions of womans', Gays' and minorities 'Rights,' but now they have embraced the extreme Right of the Islamic political spectrum. This is where the fundamentalists who seek to create a theocratic state, ruled under Sharia law, lead. The Liberal-Left have climbed into bed with folk who wish to impose a regime that will reverse the very feminine, gay and minority 'rights' the Left claim to hold as 'inalienable.' Somewhere along the line, someone has their message mixed - or they simply believe their normal following won't notice.

That actually led me to considering something I became aware of a little while back. The Socialist Workers Party has dominated the 'Labour' scene for most of the post-war period in Britain. Their website proclaims that they do not have a 'heirarchy' and that everything they do is decided by a committee on a consensual basis. For some time now though, there have been whispers of sexual impropriety at the top, but there has been a wall of silence about it - even threats to 'discipline' anyone who broke ranks. Notoriously, they also refuse to deal with the police on anything - as the police in their vocabulary are "agents of oppression" and not to be trusted. I'd find that funny, if it wasn't for the fact that there isn't a single "socialist paradise" in history that hasn't immediately set up the most draconian state controlled 'police' operation to ensure everyone stayed in line and on message.

The last dictator of the German "Democratic" Republic - the euphemistically named Communist puppet state in East Germany - bleated that the Stasi were there to "protect" the "peoples rights and freedom" and his widow still repeats this whenever she is asked. The "enemy" is, of course, anyone who doesn't share the same vision.

The problem for the Left is that they are NOT believers in anyone's "freedom" or "rights" but their own. What they are is control freaks, people who believe that they, and they alone, are arbiters of what is fair, reasonable or right. Everyone else must be controlled, directed and micro-managed. They love the "benefit" system precisely because it gives them control of individuals lives. They want control of industry and commerce, of housing, of the labour 'market' precisely because that will mean they, and they alone, control who has access to the best housing (reader's should see the 'reserved' holiday homes, estates and yachts the former East German "Socialists" enjoyed), the best education, the best jobs and the best incomes.

In my recent posts on the late Baroness Thatcher, I was reminded that many of those who purport to 'hate' her today have no actual experience of the events and circumstances that brought her to power. They have forgotten the sinkhole of nepotism, corruption, bullying and outright gerrymandering that pertained under "Deggsy Hatton" in Merseyside. They have forgotten how Ken Livinstone and his cronies staged a 'palace coup' against his own more moderate Party leadership to seize control of the Greater London Council and his attempt to turn the London Region into a Peoples Socialist Republic. The legacy of that is still affecting the lives of people in Lambeth, Lewisham and Brent.

The Left currently loudly proclaim their espousement of the "rights" of Gays, women, Gypsies, immigrant minorities and anyone else that serves their purpose, but look beneath the surface. I have no doubt that the SWP affair will prove to be but the tip of the iceberg. Several of the more militant Unios are not as squeaky clean as they pretend and most sail pretty close to the wind in a number of things - not least the bullying tactics they deploy when they wish to compel reluctant workers.

The Left are past masters at getting a lie accepted as 'truth' by a significant portion of any given community. Meredith Tax has exposed just one of many such duplicitous positions. I have no doubt at all that he will soon be on the receiving end of rent-a-mob demos attempting to silence him. I also suspect the police and the political establishment will do nothing whatever to defend him.

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  1. You are absolutely correct Dear Monk. The left are very adept at jumping onto suitable hosts, like the parasites that they are. Unfortunately, the current government of the UK have done very little to 'clean out the stables', as the left are well-entrenched in many walks of life, e.g. the police and the political establishment as you have stated. The enemy is within, and something needs to be done, especially as we live in a post-democratic age. I doubt if voting UKIP will save us, but at least things are beginning to stir...


    Slim Jim