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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Ugly Face of Left-wing Prejudice ...

The death, yesterday, of Baroness Thatcher, has exposed the ugly face of left wing prejudice and hatred. The scenes of pimply youth clambering onto cinema facades to change to signs to proclaim her death, adding the 'txt.spk' LOL and then showing off to the cheering, dancing, mob of ignoramuses in the street filled me with disgust. The vast majority of these morons were not even born when she left office. All they know of her or her policies is the twisted biased and bile filled twaddle regurgitated ad nauseum by the left-wing press, the BBC Polit Buro, their teachers and lecturers and their parents.

Personally, I'm sick of hearing how 'she destroyed' the Unions, the Miners, Communities, Gays, the NHS and the Railways. I would say the Unions destroyed themselves when they set out to impose the government of their choice - Marxist - on the nation. Scargill, the miner's 'leader' openly declared the whole purpose of the strike by the coal miners was to bring down the government. No elected government is going to tolerate the dictat of a small section of the population in that manner. Down that road lies the failed Soviet Union, North Korea and so many other failed 'Socialist/Leninist/Marxist/Stalinist experiments. Did Thatcher send troops to crush the miners? That is what Scargill's hero Stalin, or Castro, Guevarra, Mao or Kim would have done. No, she simply refused to back down. Yes, it caused enormous hardship for those who persisted in believing Scargill would lead them anywhere but to disaster, but it was their choice, their belief that they could dictate to an elected government, that they could demand massive wage increases, higher government spending and even more 'public ownership' in the face of the massive failures of every 'nationaised' industry.

Yes, she certainly did face down the likes of Red Ken Livingstone and the Union shop stewards that had brought British Leyland to a £6 billion a year loss with the taxpayer subsidising this to the tune of millions per week. Yes, she put in hardmen to 'sort it out' and again, it was without the use of secret police, troops or force. They played it straight down the line. No work, no productivity; no pay, no bonuses, no increases, no subsidies and no bailouts. She privatised Telecoms, Railways, Coal mining, Power generation and a number of other massively inefficient industries and 'services' until then costing the taxpayer a huge amount to carry vast numbers of frequently unproductive staff, and run by the Union Shop Stewards for the benefit of the Labour Party and the Unions, noone else.

In some instances I think she went too far. I'm not sure water supply is best provided by private suppliers, and Blair was probably right to renationalise the management of the railway track maintenance network. She was certainly wrong on the Poll Tax, though I do believe that the idea is the right direction, individuals should make a contribution to the cost of the services they use, the size of the house I own or the plot of ground I occupy is not related to how much rubbish, sewage or anything else I require from the council. Nor does it relate to how much I use the roads they are responsible for or anything else. Why, therefore, should I pay sometimes three times as much as a house of the same size in the same area where six persons share and who rent their property at a subsidised rate from a Housing Association with all of them on 'Benefit.' The fact I own my property and have to pay for everything to do with its maintenance while subsidising the larger household through my taxes and my higher Council Tax payments is, to me, ample reason to say this system is wrong. The State is not and should not attempt to be, some sort of latter day Robin Hood.

I frankly find myself ashamed of the behaviour of these louts who take pleasure in the death of someone who, even in death, is twice the man any of them will every be, and four times the woman. She was giant on the world stage and a true giant when seen against the pygmies now infesting Parliament. No, she wasn't always right, but she wasn't wrong in what she achieved either. She took this socialist basket case of a country and dragged it by the scruff of its neck into a world of success. It is a tragedy that those who followed her squandered everything and have brought us to this point where the streets are the property of scum who know nothing of decency, who think everyone else owes them respect, a living, a house and anything else 'on demand' and that they have no need to earn any of it.

If nothing else does it, this should expose the hideous face of the envy that lies at the heart of socialism and left-wing thinking. It is the resort of those too idle and too incompetent to think or make an effort on their own behalf. Their envy of anyone more successful or harder working is now exposed. They won't make any effort to improve their own situation, yet they crave the rewards they see those who are prepared to work hard getting.

History will, I think, vindicate Baroness Margaret Thatcher, but sadly, her detractors and those now dancing in the streets and 'celebrating' her death, will have destroyed our society before that can emerge fully into the light. May she rest in peace.

To those celebrating her death, I use the words of Shakespeare - "A pox on all your houses."


For another view on Mrs Thatcher vist Autonomous Mind. He explains his conversion to her views very well.


  1. Very discouraging, the reaction of the masses. Good post.

  2. Growing up in the 80's a lot of my world view was anchored by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Both were very much alike in their idealogical views, both often had to fight bitter opposing factions in their own governments, and both were imperfect and made the occasional questionable or controversial decision. And both elevated their countries out of the moribund mess of the 70's and made their citizens proud of their countries again, able to stand tall on the world stage and help bring an end to the Cold War and the Iron Curtain. And both America and the UK could sorely use such dynamic leadership again.

    Rest in peace Baroness Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady. Your leadership and example transcended national borders and was recognized here in America and all over the world.

  3. Slim Jim says:

    I object to public money being spent on her funeral. I'd much rather it went towards the legal aid costs, housing benefit, council tax benefit and unemployment benefits of people like Abu Qatada and others like him. And also to pay towards all those nice windmills; and aren't we glad to see the back of those nasty coal and oil-fired power stations that are polluting our atmosphere and, er, keeping us warm...and it's not like she ever did anything worthwhile, like securing a rebate from the EUSSR. What's that you say? Really? Damn, I'd rather be in North Korea and we do miss dear old East Germany. Excuse me, but there are men in white coats knocking on my head...nice post Pat.

    1. Slim Jim, Slim Jim, such sarcasm ill becomes you, sir. I did enjoy the Guardian Poll on people's views on her. 50% responded that she was 'Good,' 34% that she was 'Bad,' 11% that felt she was neither one nor the other and 5% didn't know. I loved the Guardian's report which said opinion was "divided." If that had been an election result, it would have been a landslide, but I suppose they simply can't bring themselves to admit it.

    2. Slim Jim replies:

      I was simply responding to the pathetic response from those who have shown enormous disrespect for the dead, and their hypocritical attack on the use of taxpayers' money. You may wish to read Stephen Glover's article in today's Daily Mail, which covers this subject. Of course, if people behaved this way when Michael Foot, or Eric Hobsbawm died, there would have been a frenzied attack on such a heartless response! The Left don't do dignity, and they don't like it up 'em! The alternatives to Thatcherism would have been a lot worse. Kinnock as PM? It doesn't bear thinking about!

  4. I found this article on Autonomous Mind fascinating and it puts on a different perspective from someone who might have been expected to have the opposite point of view.

    Well worth reading. He is right when he says the reason she is hated by Socialists is that they want to keep everyone 'dependent' on the State and therefore in thrall to them.