Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Dirt sticks .....

I'm not at all surprised by the revelations that have exercised so many in the political arena these last few days. Labour have always excelled at treachery, at smut and at smear campaigns. They used smear tactics to unseat Winston Churchill in 1945, they used the same tactics against the later Conservative governments of the 1950's once the Conservatives had lead the nation out of the massive debt Labour saddled them with in 1945 - 51 with all their seizure of private property and nationalisation of everything in sight. They used these tactics throughout the 1980's and into the 1990's and have carried on the smear and sneer campaign throughout their latest term of office.

There isn't an honest or decent sentiment in the Labour Party and there never has been. My father once described them as "Closet Communists" who tried to disguise their real intention to drag this country into a soviet style "Utopia" by calling them selves "Socialists" - but you don't need to look far to see their real nature. The McBride affair is just the tip of the iceberg. How much more isn't revealed? Gordon Brown's lukewarm response is surely telling - he knows full well that his "advisers" are hard at it with their chums in the Red Top media and the Murdoch controlled broadsheets cooking up the lies and the poison they hope will keep them in power.

Labour is a lie and it is founded on lies. Look at the leadership and the paymasters, all of them from public school and moneyed backgrounds. Where are the actual "workers" in their ranks, there are very very few and most of them in very junior positions. NuLabour/Old Labour makes no difference, their only stock in trade is to engender greed in the idle, envy in those who work for those who have money and position and to perpetuate the mythology of the "victim". In their definition we are all "victims" if we don't share the privileged backgrounds they enjoyed - but have no intention of allowing us to reach.

Dirty tricks is the stock in trade of this party of dishonesty and self-indulgence. Their only mantra is "Tax and Spend" and this shower of worthless parasites, the majority of whom have never done a useful days work in their lives, prove it. The last few years have seen our hard won freedom eroded to the point where they dictate what we may say, what we may think, and what we may do. We have no right of self defence should one of their "deprived" drug-taking, benefit claiming liberators of other peoples possessions decide to attack the rightful owner and we are monitored and filmed everywhere, even in our own homes. Send your PC for repair? Take care, someone at the repair shop will do a "hidden file" search and find all those naughty pictures you've been looking at.

I'd like to see Mister McBride's computer hard drive examined. I suspect the contents of his and every other "adviser" in this shameful Party that governs us would make extremely interesting viewing to the Thought Police. Oh, except that said Thought Police are in the Party's pay .....


  1. Yes, dirt sticks, and the reason it will not be brushed off so easily by the rebuttal squads is the internet. It has eclipsed the 'normal' media in exposing the deceit and dishonesty that underpins almost everything this government does. So keep up the good work you brave bloggers in the fight for our freedom. Three cheers for Guido Fawkes! Three cheers for the Monk!

  2. 'There isn't an honest or decent sentiment in the Labour Party and there never has been'.

    I can't agree with that statement. I always understood the LP had links with the Methodist church. It's founding fathers lived in a different, less secular society, so they promoted Christian values as well. The current incarnation of the LP has been hijacked by a gang of very dangerous, powerful and intrinsically corrupt people, but ultimately the working classes will rise up (along with the upper, middle and any other class) and cast them out as the charlatans and traitors that they are.