Thursday, 2 April 2009

A new Darien Adventure?

Or perhaps it was the South Sea Bubble revisited? Am I perhaps reading too much into the fact that the two UK banks who seem to have brought our entire financial system crashing down and plunged the English based one's in jeopardy are both Scottish? Royal Bank of Scotland is considered "too big to be taken over" so the UK taxpayer has had to rescue it, unlike HBOS (also known as Halifax Bank of Scotland) which our Scottish lead Cabinet approved a buyout by Lloyds TSB - without apparently disclosing the fact that HBOS was so deep in the mire that it has dragged Lloyds, one of the best managed and safest down into the mire with it. I should perhaps explain that Halifax Building Society became a "bank" and went public, only to find itself taken over by Bank of Scotland as the two biggest Scottish Banks tried to outbid and outgrow not only each other but every other UK and EU bank they could find.

It was the recklessness of the Scottish Parliament in the late 17th Century that brought the Scottish economy to its knees and it seems that the Scottish extravagance exercised by our Scottish Labour MP Chancellor and now PM has ruined the UK economy just as surely. The Darien Adventure saw the Scottish Parliament "buy" land in South America from the Spanish. They then sent out shiploads of Scottish peasantry (and a few middle class folk just to govern them) and tried to establish a colony on the Darien coast. The equivalent of buying swampland in Florida today to build your dream home. They compounded this a few years later (After the English had bailed them out and forced through the Act of Union 1707) by throwing even more money into an investment scam that came to be known as "The South Sea Bubble". The bubble burst and scuppered Scottish dreams of buying independence from the Union for three hundred years.

Now they seem to have tried it again, only this time Labour's Scottish MPs and Cabinet are ruling the English and paying the bills in Scotland out of Union taxes, the bulk of which are raised in England. And once more they have been profligate with the money. And once again, the bubble has burst and the economy is in deep trouble, they have borrowed to the hilt, sold off the industries we used to have, cut the armed forces to the bone, reduced the fleet to a skeleton and the RAF to a shadow. Our banks are now in the hands of Civil Servants who couldn't manage their way out of wet paper bags or sold off to the Spanish. (Santander, the Spanish Financial giant has swallowed everything the Treasury hasn't yet managed to ruin.) Our Merchant shipping fleet is no longer British flagged or owned and the few remaining industries are owned by French, German or Japanese corporations. Even the Vauxhall car plant is likely to go as a result of GM's woes in the US and Mister Obama's insistence that GM must cut back and reshape itself. Very little of the UK's commercial activity is now UK owned and even less of our service providers. NPower, the former British Nuclear Power generator is now owned entirely by a German power supplier, the French on SE Power and London Electric and Thames Water and Severn Trent are also owned by European companies.

I have wondered before this whether our present government, the cabinet was, until recently almost exclusively Scottish or Welsh, wasn't running an agenda which was to completely destroy the "English" in revenge for their imagined "victimisation" under the Union. The recklessness of the spending plans they have espoused, even though these often contained elements of double accounting, were simply unsustainable and have led us to a position where the pound has crashed in value and the threat of our foreign owned industries closing down to save the jobs in their own countries is very, very real. Today we have suffered yet another rise in fuel tax - the government hoping that we won't notice in the plethora of stupidity that is the demonstrations against the G20, but we will and we have. As for the morons who want a return to the "Fuel Tax Escalator" all I can say is that there is some swampland owned by the Scots that needs a new bunch of settlers. Oh, and it won't be accompanied by the benefits and handouts you currently enjoy.

Labour's Darien Adventure has brought our economy to its knees, we can only hope that we can save enough of it to bring this nation back to productivity and restore our fortunes. It is time to put an end to the Tax and Spend of the socialist left and restore some common sense. Perhaps we can even persuade Mr Brown to remove himself and all his PC Brigade North of the Border - and invoice his Party for the £400million they shelled out to build a Parliament that now costs several billion to run - and is probably another major cause of the economic woes we face.

As I believe Cromwell told Parliament - "For too long you have disgraced this House. In the Name of God - go!"

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