Friday, 17 April 2009

Home at last

Home again, despite some interesting traffic on our way. The weather forecasts were wrong, we had rain all the way to Swindon when what was predicted was a South Coast clear and sunny.... 

Oh well, at least we were able to visit some interesting scenery and the Roman Palace at Fishbourne near Chichester. This enormous place was built within a few years of the Roman conquest of Britain and remained in use until it was destroyed by fire in 270 AD. No one knows what caused the fire, though the building was undergoing some changes at the time. Who can tell now, but it seems it may have been an early example of a fire caused by a workman's momentary inattention.

Porchester Castle remains to be visited - there simply wasn't time after a few traffic holdups passing through Brighton, and several other towns along the coast. The sea looked calm, depite the rain and it was great to see and smell it. Having lived two thirds of his life next to the sea the Monk misses it! 

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