Thursday, 30 April 2009

Die Katze schnarcht auf der Bettdecke .....

As Madam Paddy Cat gets older she gets more affectionate and more and more particular about where she takes her twenty two hours of naps... She has laid claim to one half of the bed, though sometimes, just to be pernickity she will insist on taking my side. Still for a seventeen year old she's not doing badly.

During Mausi's visit she managed to catch some good pictures of Madam snoring her head off as the saying goes and today, it being rainy and rather cool, Madam has taken up her usual position with that "rainy day" cat look, paws well tucked in, tail over the nose and snuggled against the pillows. Except, of course, when we have rise and demand our snack and meal offerings. And Madam being the vocal lady she is, she can certainly make her wishes known.

And for a small animal this is one old lady that can really snore.


  1. Our old puss is about 18 or 19, and she snores like mad too! She often shares my bed, but my wife can't stand the racket of stereophonic snoring! She told me it was the cat or her. My wife sleeps in the spare room...

  2. I read a book about cats many years ago (Desmond Morris), and it made very interesting reading. You do realise that your cat owns 'your' house, and that she allows you to live with her, as you are her child, don't you? It explains a lot...

  3. Yup, I'm allowed to live with her as long as I operate the can opener on demand and clean out the cat box. Very particular we are.

  4. Red Kitty was one of my sister's cats who came to live with us for a time. He wasn't particularly old, per se, but he always did seem to have a sort of fuddy duddy attitude about him. That's just how he was. Except when he was terrorizing the dog (part dobie/part ridgeback). Then there was bedtime. Red liked to sleep under the covers with you, curled up near one's armpit, snoring, and even worse (!), there was this drooling and a slightly runny nose. You'd wake up with very wet underarms!