Friday, 1 May 2009

Struggling at the moment to get my head around course design and course materials for a short course I have to give in Ireland next month. Its a bit like clutching at ephemera, just as you think you have it sorted someting else moves and you've lost the thread. Part of the problem is that this is for a mixed group - some fire officers, some consultants and some civil engineer/fire officers. Now you may think that should make it easy, but in fact it complicates things no end. For some I'll have to explain the concepts and for others some of the explanations will be too simplistic .....

As it's a "bespoke" course, the other challenge is to find support notes and materials which will give the content I have to deliver without having to write it all myself. All of this takes up an enormous amount of time - in fact it is often said that to prepare an hours lesson takes four hours of preparation. Well try the maths to work out how much time is absorbed by trying to put together 35 hours of tuition.

No wonder my head hurts. And I already know the "preparation" time isn't built into the fee .....


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