Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Toppled from his perch at the trough ...

Mister Speaker resigned yesterday afternoon, the first Speaker to do so for 300 years. The last was impeached for taking bribes. In a sense Mister Speaker Martin is the victim of his own incompetence and as the scape goat the other 646 Dishonourable Members hope will be sufficient to defelect public attention from their misdemeanours.

Considering that Blair swept to power on the promise to "Clean up Politics" and his NuLabour Cool Britannia experiment has ended in the usual Labour overspending, economic ruin and the biggest expose of corruption for more than a century, one could say "I told you so". The tragedy is that nothing will change - Labour has, as usual, wrecked everything by meddling where they should have left well alone.

Let us hope they reap the full reward of their utter folly and incompetence. And in case you wondered, there is a map at Shoot Hill which gives a complete breakdown of the expenses for each of our MP's. Click the link, then click the constituency and the information appears. It makes one want to weep.

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