Saturday, 23 May 2009

Support Da Goddess

Da Goddess is a lady who supports causes. She has been through a rough time herself lately and now needs a little help in supporting one of her favourite causes - servicemen and women. Like me she believes this woprld is a safer and better place because there are men and women out there who are prepared to join up as soldiers, sailors or airmen and fight for our values and freedoms. Now she is asking us to help her. So, when I got this message I decided that I would do so.

As some of you know, I was accepted into the Operation: Love Reunited program as one of their photographers. There are many of us, but not nearly as many as we truly need. When I first signed up, the waiting list was long and I was told it would be months before anything would be reviewed. I figured I had ample time to get my business a little more active and profitable. You know what they say when you start making plans, right? God laughs and then hands you a challenge. Financially, I'm not up to the challenge on my own, but with your help I can be. So here's the deal: Have a read. If you feel this is something you can promote, I'd be happy. If this is something to which you can contribute, I'd be honored. If this is something you believe in and decide you'd like to be a part of, too, I would be thrilled beyond belief! For everyone who makes a donation: please indicate it is for OpLove and let me know what name you'd like on the thank you card I include in the albums because I want to recognize your efforts as well as prove to our troops that we do care. I've already heard from one reader who would like to donate a prize to those who donate to the fund. We'll be drawing a comment number at random on June 7 (the first big event is June 13 and that gives me plenty of time to purchase all the albums I'll need). If you're interested in seeing what the item is, it's part of the post. If you're interested in winning, please leave a comment. If you're interested in donating another item to be raffled off, WOW! You totally rock! And now, before I sign off for the day, I would like to remind you that this weekend is Memorial Day. While you're preparing the grill and the food and the beverages, please take a moment to say Thank You for all that you have because of those who made it possible.

Thank you!

I hope you'll join me in supporting her.

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  1. Monk, thank you! You've always been such a great friend and supporter and I can't thank you enough for always giving me a big push.

    Thanks, too, for supporting the troops and Freedom!