Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Westminster exposed

Well I suppose we should be grateful to the Torygraph, though I doubt our Lords and Masters in Westminster are. At least we now have some idea of just how deep the trough we, the over taxed taxpayers, are shelling out to keep the Westminster mafia in the manner to which they have become accustomed. I think I'd mind a little less if I wasn't having to work so damned hard just to pay my own bills without having to contribute over 40% of my earnings in direct and indirect taxes to keep that lot in a style I cannot even dream of. And since most of them are professional politicians who have never done a days real work in their lives I think we have a right to take exception.

Its all very well for the Party Leaders to be apologising and making noises about "it won't happen again" and "the system must change". Its a bit late for that, the damage is done and the rules were written by them in the first place (Actually by the Civil Servants who screw everything up!) and there isn't likely to be any change now. Do turkeys vote for Christmas (Thanksgiving in the US)? Not likely, and Westminster and Whitehall are unlikely to make any changes to a system which maximises their wealth at the expense of everyone else unless there is a real threat of public lynchings and hanging them from lamp posts. And even then, you'd only get a change of face at the front row on both sides of the House.

The "Damage Limitation" machines are now in full swing in all Party HQs so watch this space. Methinks the fight is abouyt to get very dirty and very underhand. Any bets on their trying to nail someone for the leak?


  1. At least they're starting to pay some of it back. Of course, they've just gone back down to amber in the bunker, as this matter is distracting us from the state of the economy, the national debt and rising unemployment. Brown's clumsy flailings demonstrate his poor leadership. He was taught a lesson by the 'novice' today! Whoever did it probably shouldn't go for a walk in the woods with a penknife in their pocket...

  2. "Change change change." Doesn't anyone realize that the word is now so overused it's meaningless?

  3. Ah, but short of inventing a new acronym to mean no change is change, they have to keep saying it. Come on Jim, since when did any of this shower even know how to spell leadership, never mind practice it.

  4. As far as the expenses issue is concerned, DC has shown some good leadership. He has put Brown on the back foot and started the ball rolling with the repayment of monies purloined. It would seem that he has many enemies, but who else is going to restore faith and trust in our ravaged political system? OK, I'll go and lie down in a darkened room! We both know how 'change' is used by the civil service and politicians to create an illusion of progress. The French saying 'plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose' is quite apt.