Friday, 15 May 2009

Out of touch ....

Our politicians really have lost the plot. Westminster is now stuffed with professional politicians and their civil service stooges to the extent that they simply have no contact at all with the reality of how their machinations, taxes and perks impact on the rest of us. That much has become very obvious as each day brings new revelations from the expenses.

The supreme irony must be that the laws these same MPs have made regarding tax and the rest of us preclude us from claiming anything even approaching most of what they can. I have the HM Revenue quibbling about a docket for a £6 burger lunch taken on a motorway, yet an MP can whip though a claim for several thousand for wining and dining without batting and eye. I suppose the reason I get grilled by HMRC is that someone has to pay for the MPs expenses and the Civil Servants enormous salaries and perks. Rural England has become the retirement camp for the ex-Permanent Under Secretaries and their chums from Whitehall, one of whom is currently pursuing a a village cricket club through the courts to get them banned from playing on a cricket pitch they have used for 164 years - because he feels the risk of a cricket ball hitting him in his garden is too high. Considering that the cricketers are paying his pension along with every other worthless civil servants salary, I'd say he has a bl**dy cheek. I hope the courts send him packing.

I am pleased to see that there is a move now starting with a pressure group in favour of low taxation, to bring private prosecutions against some of the higher profile abusers of the "expenses" system in Westminster. I applaud their effort, it will at least make our so-called elected representatives sit up and take notice. But what are the odds they will now try to rush through legislation to give themselves immunity from prosecution? Pretty good I would think.

There's an election coming up soon, for the EU Parliament, just as big a drain on rescources and an even bigger gravy train or pig trough. I'm contemplating voting UKIP at present, if only to send a signal to the mainstream politicians that I have had enough. Doubling the tax on my miserable pension is one thing, ripping the backend out of everything I earn in secret taxes on top of it is too much.

The last week has shown beyond any shadow of a doubt that Westminster is now out of touch and out of control. Worse, it is an expensive and dangerous irrelevance. Time to call stumps and kick them out - all of them.

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