Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Good bye Mister Speaker....

Mister Speaker is compromised, there can be no doubt of that. He has presided over the scandal regarding the MP's expenses, and done so rather ineffectually. It transpoires that it was his efforts to prevent the publicatioin of a league table of their expenses, that triggered the release of the details.

At some time this week we are led to expect that he will either resign or be pushed out sometime soon. Easy for those on the barricades throwing stones - but it doesn't change anything. It certainly doesn't get my tax returned.

Mister Speaker's departure will be a welcome start to sorting out that House for the future.


  1. We need a little of that to happen here.

  2. let's hope this is the 1st of many

  3. Ironic isn't it that their own legislation has been the tool that exposed the corruption and the real irony is that they never even thought it could be used against them...