Thursday, 28 May 2009

The child protection monster.

I stumbled across an interesting article on Talking Politics, one of the "official" blog sites here, it asks the important question "are we destroying our children by being so obsessive about 'protecting' them from any sort of reality?" The article, entitled "Britain has an unhealthy relationship with its children" makes a number of telling points. Equally telling, sadly, are the numbers of commenters who simply cannot see anything wrong with our obssessive PC view that children are "innocence personified" until the reach puberty - when, of course, they magically become problem youth.

Everytime I am confronted by unruly and undisciplined children in public I reflect on the fact that the Dr Spock generation have one hell of a lot to answer for - not least the utter devastation some of their little darlings cause. So called "children's courts" are a sick joke and the kids that do get to see the inside of them know exactly how to play the system - yet dare to suggest that they would be better treated to the reality and you find yourself the target of vitriolic attacks from every "children's agency" and social damager available.

One of the commenters made the valid point that, as a youth worker, he or she is terrified of coming closer to any child in their charge than the magic 1 foot without having to worry about being accused of abuse in one form or another. The article is right - Britain has taken leave of its senses on the matter of child welfare and has gone so far that children are now completely divorced from adults, in fact are taught to show them disrespect and with suspicion.

Children are not innocent as anyone who has raised them knows. They can be devious, manipulative and viscious - ask Jamie Bulger's killers - and as any posychologist worth his or her qualification now knows, they don't have the mental wiring sorted out and won't get it sorted out until they have become adults. What is worse, by the time they do they have developed a wide range of "issues" including "anger management" problems and an inability to actually form lasting relationships.

Dr Spock and his cockamamy ideas on child raising and his slavish followers who refuse to even consider the evidence growing around them that they are wrong in spades have a great deal to answer for. Tragically the demise of our society is a likely outcome - but, from what I have heard some of these idiots saying, that is what they intend and want. I hope they like the world their indisciplined and aggressive "children" create.


  1. Milady's niece is a social worker for Child Protection Services here in Kentucky. Several years ago, she rode with us for a weekend in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. During the trip, the kids got a bit rowdy in the back seat. In the fine tradition of fathers everywhere. I told them "If you don't settle down, I'm pulling over and putting you out.".

    Ms. Social Worker looked at me and said, "If we were in Kentucky, I'd have to open a report on you." It took everything I had to not tell her, "but we're in Tennessee, and it's not illegal for me to leave YOU at the side of the road."

    HSLDA, the US Homeschoolers legal defense coalition, recommends never letting a social worker voluntarily enter your home. Milady thought she would just be reasonable and talk to them if they came to the door. I pointed out that they keep her niece employed. She agrees with me completely now.

  2. A perfect example of just how stupid it has all become. I would also recommend never voluntarily allowing a social worker into your home if you have children. The vast majority have never had children and have their heads stuffed with the garbage that has been generated by those who have developed Doctor Spock's lunatic ramblings into a new "truth" which is anti-family and anti-parent.