Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Pictures at an exhibition .....

Mausi can always be relied on to produce top quality pictures when we visit places and her pictures at Chatham are a case in point. She captured several on HMS Gannet that give a really good feel for what the ship is like. My little Fuji Finepix camera does a reasonable job, but doesn't have the capability of Mausi's much more sophisticated rig. It doesn't have an operator with the skill or the eye for a great shot either!

This picture, taken from the Quarterdeck, nicely shows the whole length of the ship. The raised
 bulwarks are pierced for small guns and topped with the hammock 'nettings' in which the crew were required to stow their hammocks during the day. These also provided some protection under fire for the deck crew from small ar
ms fire and splinters from shells.

Travelling with my Iranian students and friends gave plenty of opportnities for some fun pictures and Nasir wanted this picture with a 'knight' at Chepstow Castle. 
The arrow is from a longbow and the 'knight' is using a sword, having just demonstrated that it could be used in a number of creatively different ways to maim, kill or simply injure an opponent. 

The enthusiasm with which these guys threw themselves into every new experience was hugely amusing and very, very worthwhile.

Everything was photographed by them, camera phone, pocket camera and, of course, Mausi's lens caught a lot of the fun.

The top of the Abbey tower proved to be a perfect opportunity for lots of pictures of the surrounding town and of each other. Hard work answering all the questions and keeping up with all the excitement as they explored.

But, for me, the best time was being with Mausi as we explored some of our favourite things and places.  
Like this unusual shot across the transepts which captures the top of the Grove organ and looks across at the Milton. Not a view that many people can get to see, but one we both enjoyed.

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