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Monday, 20 April 2009

A lovely morning...

Mausi is again enjoying an Easter vacation in Tewkesbury. Much of her time is spent in and around the Abbey - of course. Today is a lovely day with blue skies, lots of sunshine and temperatures just right to feel comfortable outside. Mausi took the opportunity to take a stroll around the Abbey in the morning as the sun seems always in wrong position to take good photographs of this magnificent building in the afternoon.

Abbey seen from the South

As soon as Mausi had knelt down by the water to take the photographs the ducks came to bid her a 'Very good morning!'.

Mausi ambled on around the Abbey to admire the 300-year-old Copper Beech at the northeastern end of the Abbey grounds that is just unfolding its leaves.

Only nine days ago not a single leaf was to be seen. One has to marvel at how nature tackles things once it has made up its mind.

Mausi just hopes this weather holds on for a bit longer....

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