Friday, 19 March 2010

Catching up at last

At last I can say I have opened, read and sorted into the appropriate filing system, all the post that had accumulated in my absence. Some of it was obvious and went straight into the permanent file, other bits were not so obvious and needed careful consideration and then there is the bit that has to be kept - the taxman insists - and so needs to be kept in an appropriate file.

Filing is not one of my fortes. I have always found it utterly boring and ninety percent pointless. Only about ten percent of what is lying around in my filing system is actually ever refered to again. The problem really is - which ten percent?

Packing up the flat is proving a challenge, since I have been involved in a wide range of activities and thanks to the bureaucratic mindset that has created layer on layer of rules about what has to be kept, how it may be disposed of and what may be disposed of I actually need a second flat just to file some of this rubbish. Anyone know where I can get an industrial size shredder?

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