Thursday, 4 March 2010

How do you say "I told you so" in Liberal Injustice speak?

Now that's a good question, especially now when one of the Jamie Bulger murderers - Thompson - is back behind bars because he has "breached his license conditions". Thompson is now 27 and enjoyed, until recently, a life funded by the tax payer on the streets of some unsuspecting town. His partner in crime, Venables, is still free on 'license'.

The Home Secretary refuses to tell us what this murderer did to "breach the conditions of his license", but we should be told. After all, this is a man who, as a child, deliberately mutilated and tortured an little boy, then tried to hide his crime by throwing the child onto a railway line. This is the problem with the "liberal" refusal to punish and to protect society from people like this - sooner or later they reoffend.

Hence my question. What did he do that "breached the conditions of his license"? We have a right to know, because this is not an isloated case - it comes up again and again when vioent and dangerous criminals are paroled or released on "license". Half the time the people supposedly "monitoring" them haven't the foggiest idea where they are or what they are doing.

But will our "liberal" left wing criminal supporting government listen? Is Hell frozen?

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