Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New Zealand tragedy ...

The news today must surely be dominated by the earthquake that has hit Christchurch in New Zealand. Just looking at the small bits of footage to come out of there tells its own tale - and the cameras probably haven't even seen most of it yet. One report speaks of boulders falling on houses in some of the outlying suburbs and apparently no one has yet managed to assess the damage outside of the city centre.

OK, so all of that is on the news and you've already read it or heard it.

My thoughts and prayers at the moment are with the NZ Fire Service guys. Their families are involved in this as well, yet many will not be able to take time out to go and check on their safety or to rescue them until they have dealt with the collapsed structures and rescues they must do in their appointed stations and areas. That isn't easy to do, nor is it easy to deal with knowing that you left your own nearest, dearest and most precious family to fend for themselves while you rescued others.

Spare a thought and a prayer for the rescuers at work in Christchurch today and in the coming days - they are going to need all the help they can get.

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