Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Twisted values?

A friend of mine has the distinction of having lost her father to the first terrorist murder in what was then Rhodesia. The name P J A Oberholzer is probably now forgotten by most, except his family, he was not a government employee or a policeman. He, like many before him, was a victim of random violence stirred by political activists. His murder was investigated, those responsible were caught, tried in due process of law, and hanged. And that is when the liberal movement in the UK turned nasty.

The victim was painted as an evil oppressive racist and his murderers as noble, honourable and decent men whose only ambition was to "throw off the yoke of oppression and assert their rights." This is classic Leninist/Trotskist propaganda, twist the truth, misrepresent the facts and feed the story repeatedly until it becomes the "new truth" and the truth is lost. The facts are that, at the time of this murder, the then Rhodesian Government had an agreement with the leaders of the African parties, to gradually extend the vote and to repeal much of the restrictive legislation so that eventually a truly multi-racial society could evolve. Nkomo's faction, then the most powerful, tried to get smart. The result was the "Bush War" in which thousands more died and ultimately the psychopathic Mugabe came to power - thanks to a Whitehall dominated by Fabianists and "Anti-Colonial" Liberals. Sickeningly, they still will not acknowledge that their support for the mass murderers who now rule in Zimbabwe and much of the rest of Africa was against all rational advice.

Everyone who opposed them was immediately branded as "racist" and hounded unmercifully through the press and in literature. Now we face the results, an Africa locked in poverty, ruled by despots and murderers and the liberals in Whitehall, Westminster, Washington and elsewhere hail them as "freedom fighters" or "heroes of the struggle for liberation," while branding the former colonists, their own flesh and blood, many of whom gave their lives and blood in two world wars for the freedom these scum now enjoy and deny everyone else, are branded as the murderers, the monsters to be labelled as "Fascists" or "oppressors" but never, ever, to be acknowledged as the victims.

It is sickening to listen to these "liberals" defending the murder of farmers in South Africa and Zimbabwe as "the inevitable result of the oppression these people imposed on their killers" and never a word of sympathy for those who built everything these killers have stolen. It is even more sickening to see youths with their placards "marching against racism," or whatever, with their T-shirts emblazoned with the image of that South American murderer and psychopath, Guevarra. Not many of them would be aware that his mentor, Cuba's Marxist President Castro, arranged for him to be betrayed and killed because he was more valuable for propaganda dead, than in continuing his campaign of murder against the peasants he was supposedly "liberating" in Colombia.

Morality has, in the classic fashion of Lenin, Marx, Trotsky and Goebbels, been turned on its head. The mantra that the "cause" justifies everything will one day rebound on these immoral and loathesome liars. Sadly, I fear I will not be here to see it, but I hope that someone, somewhere, starts the process by decorating lamposts with their dangling corpses.

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