Tuesday, 1 February 2011

No limits ...

Sometimes it seems there are no limits to mankind's ability to cause harm or to bring oppression - often under the banner of 'for the greater good."

This morning I read an item on the news that, in itself, was a disturbing account of the violence and unrest seething beneath the surface in many Muslim countries at present. Obviously there is a great determination there to change their situation and to remove ruling classes who are oppressive, play on nepotism and overlook the rampant corruption which is crippling their economies and causing hardship for those not 'on the gravy train' with the privileged. I find it disturbing that already the most fundamentalist factions are seeking to impose their vision of society - one in which their model of religion is the foundation of all moral and legal matters - are making a bid for the organs of power. I say sadly, because, as a man of faith myself, I would have to be the first to acknowledge that history does not provide me with an inspired example of any religious figure whose followers have managed to impose a balanced and equal society anywhere. Combining secular and spiritual authority is always a recipe for abuse.

Reading on in the news though I encountered another item, this time related to the apparent desire in the UK Conservative Party to abolish the current Human Rights Act, presumably replacing it with something with greater balance. I say presumably, because all that is currently being discussed in the news is the abolition aspect. Now I have to admit that I am not a fan of the Human Rights Act. For one thing it restricted and removed more rights than it granted, sweeping away vast swathes of the rights my forebears fought long and hard to win from the ruling classes across the centuries. It is badly drafted, like most of the legislation rammed through Parliament by the last government, and lacks balance. It should be replaced by something that restricts the rampant abuse of it by criminals to further persecute their intended victims and removes the ability of those with ideological intentions unrelated to real 'rights' of the individual, to interfere or impose their ideologies upon the majority.

Reading the 'comments' it quickly became apparent that many of the commentators on this piece are unable to see beyond their ideological prejudices. The Conservative Party was, again and again, referred to as 'Right Wing' and even as 'Extreme Right Wing' when the reality is that the present Conservative Party is so close to being socialist it is barely 'Centerist.' Mind you, one of those making this assertion then went on to declare that Mao Tse Tung was the best example of a socialist who had brought order, 'rights' and 'people power' to the people of China. When another commentator pointed out that Mao had a pretty poor record for deaths, he airily brushed these aside and went into pean of praise about how China was 'made a nation' and 'given back its pride' and a 'few deaths were inevitable' in pursuit of the 'greater good' of the masses.

Call it the fascination of the horrible, but I found myself looking up more of this morons comments and it seems he truly believes that there is such a thing as a truly free and fair 'socialist society' in which everyone and everything is equal. All I can say is that morons like this need to be forced to live in a truly socialist state - preferably at the bottom of that societies pile. When one encounters people like this one is forced to admit that there are indeed, no limits to mankind's stupidity.

The late Sir Winston Churchill KG, a man with many faults of his own, but with an intellect that was little short of astounding summed up Socialism succinctly. A pity his analysis is not more widely taught.

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

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