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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Writing Progress ...

The textbook I'm writing for my professional Institution is turning into a major exercise - I have now got 95,000 words written and at least another 15 - 20,000 to get into the files... Still, it is a fascinating exercise, drawing on my knowledge of the subject, expanding it still further and taking me into areas I had previously not given to much thought to.

Still, there is now an end in sight, one almost says at last.

Slowly I am also developing some ideas for a new Harry Heron adventure, but I am also exploring a "Historical Romance/Adventure" type book and one set in the dying days of WW2. Lot's of ideas, to little time, and now with Fruhling about to arrive the garden will soon need work done. Tsk... Did Dickens have this problem I wonder?

And my German is progressing to, much to my own surprise!

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