Wednesday, 2 February 2011

There are times ...

There are definitely times when I am convinced that the gap between Whitehall/Westminster and the rest of the civilised world has reached the level of a change in dimensions. I'm no longer sure that the denizens of Whitehall and that Palace of Fantasy called Westminster are even on the same planet as the rest of us.

I learned yesterday that the Home Office has decided to close down the Forensic Science Service. Now you may wonder why I am concerned by that, so I'll explain. The FSS serves the UK Police Forces, providing expert analysis of finger prints, DNA, foot prints, chemical traces and much, much more. It employed over a thousand experts who provided expertise in a wide range of subjects vital to the successful prosecution of murderers, terrorists, drug dealers and other criminal prosecutions. That is, until the Treasury decided that it should be turned into a business and did what they have done to every "Trading Fund Agency". They made them a business on a 'pay your own way' basis, but failed to provide any working capital and made it illegal to obtain an overdraft at the bank. Then, of course, they loaded on a "Capital Debt" - the Treasury's inflated value placed on buildings, equipment etc, and charged a very high rate of interest for the "Notional Loan."

So, as with every other agency they created, the Trading Fund began to operate on Day 1 with a huge deficit, plus a large number of "Administrators" and "Managers" who were all Civil Servants and understood less than nothing about how to run a business, never mind one which had huge debts and no capital. Ah, and then, having made sure that, in order to pay its way - no profit remember, just cover costs - the pricing for every service it provided had to be sky-high. After all, someone has to pay the salaries for all those non-specialist managers and administrators and the Treasury 'Loan.'

Then comes the next Treasury trick. Competitive Tendering... They call it "Value for Money" but the reality is that it allows anyone on the Treasury's 'Approved Supplier' List to bid against the Agency and undercut it. After all they don't have to operate in the same restricted manner as the Agency or carry the burden of debt it has been loaded with. So, surprise, surprise, the FSS has not made enough to 'Break Even.' Like every agency these liars and buffoons in the Treasury have created in the last thirty years, it has now failed - and the UK Justice system will suffer mistrial after mistrial as a result. Commercial suppliers of the services the FSS provided will be rubbing their hands in delight because now there is no reason to have restraint in their pricing. With the FSS gone their charges and fees will rise exponentially and instead of 'saving' money everything will cost more.

This can be proved by examining the figures for every service once delivered by a Department that was turned into a Agency and then forced to 'compete' on anything but a level playing field.

It used to amaze me that no one in Westminster could spot the fraud, or even seemed to realise that someone in the senior levels of the Civil Service was benefitting from this either in perks or in the Directorships they all seem to get as soon as they 'retire' on pensions the rest of us can only dream of. No longer, they are all in it up to their necks. This isn't about providing a better service or even a more cost effective one, it's about ensuring that they have secure incomes and cushy directorships to fall back on.

The irony? Most people in Britain won't even notice because they have no idea of what has been lost or sacrificed by these venal and self serving parasites.

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