Monday, 5 March 2012

History and Perspectives ...

A friend in South Africa is writing a biography of a close family member. She has already discovered that it brings back memories she'd probably rather not recall, like the brutal killing of her father in the presence of her small sister, by a bunch of liquor and hate fueled "freedom fighters" whose only real interest was getting all the valuables and any guns they could find. This was the trade mark of much of the "armed struggle" against the "white oppressors" which saw more of their own people killed for "betrayal" or "collaboration" than all the white victims put together.

Of course, that's not a popular view, certainly under the new regimes or in the liberal western academia which is now writing the "history" of it all. All I can say is that the majority of those writing learned treatises on the subject of the European settlement of Southern Africa, have little or no connection with the families who did live there and even less contact with the realities these people faced.

One author my friend has come across in researching the political background to her family's story put forward the view that, while East Africa was 'settled' by the sons of aristocrats whose only interest was in making money there and who 'gave up and surrendered control' to the locals when it suited them and they could no longer maintain their lifestyles, she paints those who settled in South Africa as "largely illiterate working class ne'er do wells who exploited the blacks and treated them like slaves. We are accused in her book of "dispossessing the Africans of their land, their farms and their culture." She'd obviously only read the anti-white propaganda. The book is stunningly biased, blatantly so in almost every aspect, praising the tribes people in their "resistance" to the "white incursions" and dismissive of everything the European settlers did.

Perhaps one day the real truth will emerge, but sadly, it is unlikely to do so in my lifetime.

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