Friday, 30 March 2012

Posturing Prats ...

I note with some sceptical disgust that Greenpeace have announced they are sending a ship to the Total Offshore Platform to "monitor the environmental damage." This should be seen for what it is, a cheap publicity stunt aimed at convincing the ignorant among their followers that they are "doing something to protect the planet from the evils of 'Big Oil.'" I lost all patience with Greenpeace some time ago, over the moronic stunts they pulled with the Brent Spar decommissioning. Their usual bunch of idle "activists" succeeded in running a scare campaign on that one claiming that "nuclear waste" and "thousands of tons of oil" were to be dumped when the spar was sunk. As usual, the spineless jellyfish in Parliament bowed to the howling mob and the Spar was dragged ashore and broken up on land, causing far more pollution and requiring a huge expenditure to deal with the problems this caused.

There was no "radioactive waste" and in the end there was less than 50 tons of heavy oil present.

I expect their "morons" to endanger the rig - we already know what is boiling up from the sea bed and we know there is a cloud of gas surrounding the platform - when they break the exclusion zone to put "scientists" (aka activists with a load of equipment they barely know how to use) on board to attempt this "monitoring" activity.

What they will not admit is that their entire effort is aimed at bringing about an end to "capitalism" and the arrival of a socialist Utopia - with, of course, them in charge. They will not be satisfied until they have shut down all oil and gas recovery operations everywhere and made us once more dependent on charcoal (watch that one for Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide emissions!), wood and rubbing two sticks together to make fire.

Their ship, pumping out vast amounts of Carbon Dioxide from its elderly engines, will cruise around the platform, getting in the way of everyone involved in trying to deal with the emergency and endangering themselves and everyone else. It will no doubt burn a vast amount of diesel oil in the process and so will the RIBs they will launch and use to try to prevent anyone from taking any useful action. What really annoys me is that the British and other taxpayers are funding this multi-million dollar organisation to assist them in destroying our economies and our commercial viability.

It is bad enough having to deal with an emergency of this kind, no one needs a bunch of do-gooding morons getting in the way. This is a publicity stunt, pure and simple. It has no scientific purpose and no scientific value - it is just Public Relations at our expense.


  1. Here in the U.S. we've no end to environmental extremists, everything from ELF, who are pure ecoterrorists, to idiots with much too much time on their hands protesting or petitioning every pseudo-environmental cause under the sun.

    Their goal is to sabotage western commerce and industry by promoting suffocating restrictions, regulations and economy killers with an eye towards rendering socialism the "only alternative".

    So we have another Greenpeace vessel underway to make trouble: where is the French Navy when we need them?

  2. Can't we slip the French a few Euros to deal with them? ;)