Friday, 16 March 2012

Scapegoats ...

Some years ago, in a book by John Winton, I came across a definition of a "Scape Goat" that has stayed with me. Yesterday's post by Josephus touched on it again in one part. The definition is a little crude, but being from the Navy, I suspect it may be excused, especially as it does hit the nail exactly as far as the issue Josephus raised is concerned. Winton has one of the characters in his story say -

"A scape goat is a chap picked at random after any cock-up so everyone can pour sh*t and derision on his head, then go happily on their way rejoicing, safe in the knowledge some other poor b*st*rd will take all the blame."

Josephus reminded me of this when he mentioned the way in which, on what appears to be a regular cycle a particular group or groups is picked out to become the "enemy of civilised society" until sufficient hatred has been stirred up in the minds of the "masses" to lead to that group being "cast into outer darkness." This is really the skill of the propagandist. You can still find people who firmly believe that all Germans were jackbooted, goose-stepping, baby eating Nazis. Someone in the first World War coined the name "Huns" to describe them and it is still being bandied about. (The real "Huns" are actually further East - the Hungarians!) Look at some of the anti-EU blogs and you soon discover that all the old arguments about the Germans cherishing ambitions of "world domination" or "world empire" and being "naturally militaristic" are still in circulation. Erskine Childers' book "The Riddle of the Sands" was a great anti-German propaganda piece at a time when Britain was engaged in an arms race and the populace needed to be whipped up to support the massive expenditures involved.

Josephus mentions the regular assaults on Free Masonry (The Monk is not a member, but has no problem with people who are!), the Jews (goes back to pre-Roman times that does!), and currently, among a small section of the supposedly "Christian" community, those who use the "pill" or, for whatever reason, seek to have an abortion. As he mentions, the law as it is written in Arizona has far reaching consequences - potentially invasive and a rather crude and, I would suggest, unconstitutional attempt to impose a set of personal opinions and prejudices on all the citizens of the State.

He also mentions that being "anti-semitic" is today a seriously taboo issue, yet it has morphed into "anti-Israel." A carefully orchestrated disguise for the much older and more honest version. As I have now seen several times, those who promote this new form of anti-semitism are eager to tell anyone gullible enough to believe them, that they don't "hate Jews" but think that Israel has no right to exist. They then go on to trot out all the old arguments that "the Jews stole the land in 1947," that the Jordanian authorities had "promised" to treat them fairly, and that there were "no Jews" in the Holy Land until after 1916. Now one regularly hears that "Israel is an Apartheid State" and "must be forced" to "return the land stolen from the Palestinians." Again, this ignores the real facts. Among other things it ignores the fact that Israel is unique in Arab lands in being democratic - women are not discriminated against as they are in almost all the neighbour states. There are non-Jews in the Knesset, but there are no non-Muslims in the government of any neighbour!

It also ignores the fact that the "Palestinian" people are actually Jordanian. Balfour's "Two State" proposal was reneged on by successive British governments to pander to Muslim feelings and "don't upset the oil sheiks." The result of attempts to prevent Jewish migration and then to prevent their purchase of land, was the "Stern Gang" - in any other country a "Freedom Fighter Movement" -  and Hagganah. Plus the mess we now face in the Middle East. Ironically, the "Two State" proposal was achieved by default - the Kingdom of Jordan and Israel.

As it is said in the old English expression, "Give a dog and bad name - and hang him." The Jews as represented by the State of Israel, Free Masons, Christians and now those who seek abortions for probably sound enough reasons, have all become our favourite "Scape Goats." We can happily throw ordure at them all and go on our way rejoicing in the belief that we can't smell the muck on our own hands.

I have only this to say to those who vilify the women who need to undergo this deeply upsetting and emotional experience of abortion. It applies to all those, Christian or not, who seek to impose their ideology on others by force, by vilification or any other means. It is the same thing Our Lord said to those who confronted Him with the "woman taken in adultery."

"Let he, who is without sin, cast the first stone."

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