Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Madam is unwell ...

Madam Paddy Cat is unwell. It is very likely age related, so there is not a lot anyone can do except make her reasonably comfortable and pander to her little foibles - like insisting on breakfast at 04.15 in the mornings ...

Still, at her age, she's doing remarkably well, a surprise really since she didn't start out that well and probably used up 8 of her supposed 9 lives by the time we moved to the flat I bought in Tewkesbury.

We had a visit to the vet today, not our favourite occupation, and now we are feeling very unhappy and want some personal love and attention.


  1. Our thoughts are with you. We were off to vats this morning for yet another armful of blood to be taken from our 14 year-old Abbyssinian who has recently developed quite severe diabetes. after worrying about some very strange behaviour that looked almost like the results of a stroke, we were almost relieved to discover that he has a painful ulcer on the roof of his mouth. not pleasant, but at least a good reason for not feeling very well!

  2. Hugs and prayers. Looks like she is getting a nice hug from the rug. That is a good thing.