Sunday, 1 April 2012

Making the most of the weather ...

Mausi and the Monk have spent the last two days getting our garden restarted. The winter certainly took its toll, we have a number of 'hardy' shrubs and plants have not survived the minus 20*C temperatures we had for three plus weeks...

So far, we've replaced our fountain tub and one of our rain water butts which burst when the contents froze. To our surprise, the other two survived despite deforming rather badly. Now, at last, we have some green shoots and buds starting. I give it another week or so and I'll have to get the mower out.

One could say, "Here beginneth the Spring ..."


  1. We have had the most beautiful week, temerature reached 20° and the daffodils look almost out of place in the brilliant sunshine. I spent several days trying to test my fitness levels after last years illness by getting my bike out. Two three-milers on the forst two days, just 'around the block' really, then 5 miles and then a nine miler with hills (you meet hills in any direction from here!) and finally a fourteen miler with HUGE hills. All very sucessful, obviously I'm not for the scrap heap yet. However! We then came to the ritual of the grass cutting, no problem, except that the following morning the asthma that had totally vanished in late January freeing from the yoke of impared breathing for the first time in a year, came back. The black cloud it brought with it was almost as bad as the coughing and shortness of breath. If I were still employed, I would requisition a BA set to wear as I cut, or more specifically, as I empty the grass into the recycling bin, I feel that would A) make the exercise more physically beneficial and B) save my poor sensitive little lungs from irritation.

  2. You have my sympathy. I did, at one time, consider buying an ex-Army Gas Mask to overcome the Hayfever problem ...