Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Follow the money ...

Yesterday evening Mausi brought me copies of two articles raising concerns about the lack of a government provided Forensic Science service in the UK. There used to be one, but it has been closed down, its premises and equipment sold off, no doubt at a mega loss to the taxpayer, by that ever incompetent bunch of morons in Whitehall. So now the Police have two choices, pay mega bucks to a private provider whose staff may not have either the depth of experience or knowledge to do the work required and who almost certainly don't know the "rules of evidence" and therefore the strict controls necessary to prevent a miscarriage of justice. Or, they must build up their own "in house" team and service.

Given that the Police budgets are also being slashed by the same bunch of morons infesting Whitehall, and you know just what sort of "forensic service" the justice system can expect in future.

"Officer, was this item examined in a laboratory for DNA?"

"No, your honour, we didn't have a budget for it..."

Even if they did have the "budget" can we be certain the result will be acceptable in court? Probably not. It has emerged that blunders in the storage of sensitive evidence materials in the laboratory of Whitehall's favourite "private" provider, has led to one false arrest in a rape case, and now casts serious doubt on every other case where the evidence has been handled by this company.

The UK stands alone in Europe as the only country that doesn't have a central forensic science service capabale of handling evidence involving all the many different disciplines required. They used to have one of the best, but no; the Whitehall W*nk*rs declared it "made a loss" and must therefore be closed. No one in his right mind expects a Forensic Science Service provided purely for support of the police and the justice system, to make a profit. Only in Whitehall could you find a moron capable of trying to claim it should.

Frankly, if "making a loss" as a government service means it should cease being supplied and must be closed down, then close down every Whitehall Department, many of them lose £2 million a week, never mind a month or a quarter. The closure of the Forensic Science Service will result in miscarriages of justice. It will enrich the clever fellows who lobbied for this and their pals in the back benches and the Whitehall offices who pushed it through.

As I said at the outset, what needs investigating here is this. Who benefits from the closure of the FSS? Follow the money, someone in Westminster and probably several people in Whitehall are rubbing their hands in glee and watching their bank balances grow very nicely. Will they suffer from the blunders and miscarriages their friends in the private laboratories perpetrate? Of course not.

Among European Police forces and Forensic Science Services, the UK is now a laughing stock. Frankly, I can't wait to see the first major miscarriage to be exposed and the "forensic" laboratory get exposed for the blunder. Sadly, no one will, even then, follow the money and expose the charlatans behind this state of affairs.

Once again, who ends up paying? Ah, you do, of course, the dear old Taxpayer. So kind of you, just tell HMRC where the money is and when they can take it off you - those nice chaps in the private field now providing the services that used to cost far less (without the 'profit' element) need it far more than you do. After all, they have to pay off their friends in the Civil Service and Parliament for giving them this golden Master Card to draw on ...


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