Monday, 30 April 2012

BT Helpline. The most useless helpline in the world?

I am having what may only be called a really bad day. I was signed in to my BT Yahoo email account this morning and in the process of reading and replying to my emails, when, without warning, I found myself signed out and a pop-up demanded I "verify my password." Guess what, the re-entered password got the Red Flag response and the message that either the User ID or Password were incorrect.

An attempt to retrieve the password or to reset it, met with a refusal to accept my CORRECT security information. So, next step, contact BT Yahoo. Oh, I don't have a UK Post Code any longer. Oh, I don't have a BT Telephone line either. Now there's a surprise! I live in Germany, BT claims to be Europe wide and "International." Are they? B*llsh*t.

OK, so I can still go online. Do an internet search, find the BT "Helpline" numbers. Talk to a computer. The computer wants my telephone number. I give it. "Sorry, that is not a recognised BT Number, our Technical support will be unable to assist you." CLICK. THis is the number given for contacting them when you have a problem with your email. Funny, my other email addresses on the same BT Account still work - only the main one has been killed off. OK, attempt number 2. Find the online contact and report a fault. Oh, must have a UK Post Code. Must have a BT Telephone number ...

Do another web search, try to find a number for BT which allows me to talk to a human being. I don't care where! Apparently BT is now run entirely by computers, presumably programmed to prevent anyone actually accessing anything useful. I am now running out of options. I am unable to access my BTYahoo email account and so, therefore, I am unable to read or respond to any email sent to that account. As it is also the email account on which all my other online activities are set up - I'm not at all sure what to do next.

Any suggestions will be most welcome. But please, send them to the email for this blog - it still works, probably no thanks at all to BT!


Having finally discovered a means to gain access to the BT "Problem Solving Forum" I finally managed the get a real person to answer my complaint and he provided a new telephone number. A call to that number got me a real live person instead of a computer, and this young man listened to my problem, investigated it, and advised me that my email had been automatically shut down as it had been "compromised."

Great, I said, how about letting me know what has happened. Ah, its automatic you see, we don't know it's happened... OK, so how do we get it back? Ah, now you need to talk to Yahoo ...

Cutting to the chase, I have my email back. It has a new password and other security features have also been changed, but it is back. In fairness, I must say, that the young men and one lady who finally dealt with the problem, did so professionally and helpfully. It's just a pity it required such an effort and a lot of totally unnecessary stress to finally reach them. Their employer lets them down badly with this really poorly thought through and designed system which simply winds the already stressed out customer up as they attempt to reach someone, anyone, capable of assisting them.


  1. I appreciate your effort making a blog and telling the whole story.

  2. BT "Helplines" that I have recently talked to were based in Mumbai. The clarity of the line is dreadful and the command of English by the operator was****** Small wonder we get nowhere. Shouldn't BT be renamed I.T. as in India? DP Yorkshire