Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Last night we watched a fascinating programme on the demise of the former Communist East German State. The makers of the programme interviewed quite a number of those who had lived in it, those who had governed it, and people from the West German state who had a hand in the final collapse and then the reunification. One of those interviewed was Mrs. Honecker, the widow of the late Erich Honecker. For those too young to remember him, he was the Head of the East German state. The title of it, the "German Democratic Republic" was something of a joke, it was a one party state so the only democracy was that its populace were allowed to vote for the single party.

What was very interesting last night, was the fact that Mrs. Honecker still firmly believes that all the restrictions on travel, on being permitted to leave the borders of the GDR and on individual freedom of choice was necessary to "defend the people" from "Fascism" and the evil "Capitalists." She made it clear that the "people" couldn't be expected to know what dangers these presented and had to be "protected" by means of the Berlin Wall, a huge military machine, the StaSi and all the restrictions. Nor was she alone, several former members of that government all parroted the same things, with varying degrees of conviction. Listening to them, the former GDR was a "paradise" they had created for their "children" and, if only they had not been "betrayed" by Gorbachev and then "tricked" into opening the borders (conveniently ignoring it was one of their own ministers who flapped his gums and basically shot them in the foot over the opening) the GDR would still be there as a "model workers state" for the world to admire.

I suppose it depends on how you view this, and from which side you're viewing. I dare say that from her plush government office (She was the Minister for Education 1973 - 1989) it was a "workers paradise." She and her husband enjoyed luxury homes, luxury limousines, private holiday resorts only for the top members of the party, private hunting lodges and even a private "hunting park" reserved only for the top echelons of the Party. Everyone else had to wait for the Party to decide when, where and how they could work, live, holiday or travel. Say anything against the system, and the StaSi knew about it.

There was a waiting list for the only car available to "ordinary" people of 15 years. Some people waited 30 years for a telephone, then only got one because the StaSi had decided they should be watched more closely. Over 200 people were shot, blown up or beaten to death trying to escape this "paradise" Mrs. Honecker still believes was a "workers paradise."And so, it must be said, do almost all the former Communist Party members now calling themselves "Die Linke" (The Left).

I confess I find it very difficult to believe that they do truly believe that the evil state they presided over, the human rights abuses they perpetrated and the trampling on the legitimate abilities and ambitions of the people under their power, was for anyone's benefit but their own. I find it even more unbelievable that there are so many supposedly intelligent people living in the UK and other free societies who think the same way. People like the Fabian Society who think a "socialist" paradise can be created by imposing state control over every aspect of the citizens lives.

These are the same people usually who will accuse anyone of "faith" of being bigoted, blinkered and unreasonable. Of course, their "political" vision isn't religious - though one could be excused for thinking it has the same level of fundamentalist conviction!


  1. Of course, their "political" vision isn't religious

    But Monk, it is religious, for only a fanatic believer could so twist words and meanings to forever support their ideology, regardless of the mountains of damning evidence piling up.

    I am beginning to believe the big guy upstairs has a wicked sense of humour, as these charlatans are everyday exposed for the frauds they really are. Talk about irony, doesn't come much thicker nor clearer than this; remember, these are the the same ones who have told Christians that their god is a fairytale, then again, when one believes in fairy tales, what difference does one more make.

    What strikes me as odd, is why the whole world is not laughing and scorning these pompous opportunists into oblivion, but they are not, quite the reverse, they are held up as brave and fearless progressives. The disparity between the label on the tin and the reality its contents is beyond argument, yet still people will fall for it.

    Nothing is more terrifying than the sight of ignorance striding forth in full bloom.

  2. I think one reason it isn't being laughed to scorn is that the present generation of educators are all the products of the 60s generation who became university lecturers and teachers. They teach that the "Capitalists" are "evil Fascists" and anyone who isn't a believer in State Control and State "redistribution" is either a "Fascist" or an "enemy of the people." In this philosophy, "freedom" can only be realised in a controlled and tightly centralised society - one where "The Leader" tells everyone what to do and how and when to do it.

    And, of course, any political counter argument must be stifled, if necessary with violence. Under no circumstances must any alternative view be allowed to be aired - unless, of course, one can immediately label it "Fascist" or "Reactionary" and have the perpetrator hounded out of public office, off the public platform and silenced, preferably for good.

    All in the name of "The People" of course.