Friday, 20 April 2012

A little common sense in Strasbourg?

One is almost astonished to learn that the EU Parliament has voted down the Commission's proposed 'Green Tax' on diesel fuel. Have the politicians finally seen the 'Light' and realised the impact of pushing fuel prices up are likely to give rise to a disaffected electorate?

Possibly. There may also be an element of realisation that the 'Light' may just be a high-speed train approaching them down the tunnel if they don't put the brakes on the Commission.

Coming on top of the revelation today of a major impact study on future energy policy, that electricity in Germany will be 20% more expensive by 2020 it underscores what I wrote a few days ago about the impact of all these 'but its only a few more cents on the price' ideologies. People are starting to wake up to the cost of these dreams of nuclear free living and self sustaining 'renewable' everything. I rather suspect the promoters of all these expensive 'solutions' to 'Green' issues will, eventually find themselves trying to explain to some very angry people armed with pitchforks and burning torches, that they really didn't mean to impoverish everyone and destroy nations.

It is refreshing to see Strasbourg actually saying 'no! non! nein! nyet!' to Brussels and the Commissioners, but what's the betting the UK Whitehallsters have already managed to pre-empt this tax and shoved it onto the UK under the guise of 'but the EU is making us do it?' Hopefully someone in the UK will call that bluff. In this instance the EU has said NO to this proposed tax.

Mind you, even Westminster saying NO to something the civil servants propose hasn't, in the past, stopped the civil servants from going ahead with whatever it was anyway. And they always blame Brussels or Strasbourg ...

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