Monday, 8 October 2012

A Theatrical Interlude

Last night the Monk and Mausi visited the "English Theatre" in Frankfurt-am-Main, to see a production of a play about Alan Turing and the breaking of the Enigma Code.

We had superb seats, and the actors delivered a superb performance. Turng himself was brilliantly portrayed and the tragedy of his genius and finally his death came through. The caste of just nine actors played out the drama on a minimalist set with 'Turing' delivering to perfection, his famous address to his old school and 'explaining' how his concept of a 'thinking machine' was turned into reality to break the Enigma Code.

The performance captured beautifully just how genius on this level is, to some extent, on the other side of insanity. A fantastic play, a fabulous performance and a very accurate portrayal of the very real history this brilliant man played so great a role in.

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